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Sift the flour, add the sugar, salt, lemon peel and mix. We make the hole in the middle, add the beaten eggs, the yeast dissolved with a little milk, add the oil and the beer and start kneading, gradually adding the milk. Let it grow until it doubles in volume.

Mix the urda well with the eggs, salt, sugar, add the chopped dill and mix.

We spread a sheet of about 0.5 thickness, cut the squares and put 1 tablespoon of the filling composition, tighten the corners (join them)

Place in a tray lined with baking paper, let them rise for another 30 minutes, then grease them with the beaten egg,

Bake until nicely browned,

Masterchef junior bakes !: bold recipes and essential

Assemble the Pavlova: Place one of the meringue rounds on a large platter. Blog Recipes Culinary appetite. If you want to make something sweet and really special you can make a Pavlova cake with whipped cream and red fruits. A sweet light as flake, with taste. Top the pavlova with a layer of whipped cream enriched with white chocolate ganache. I never understood why anyone would pile sweet fruit on top.

Rating: 4.8 & # 8211 6 votes & # 8211 2 hours 30 min. The crisp and chewy chocolate meringue base, rich in cocoa and beaded nuggets of. Masterchef & # 8211 cake Pavlova Pavlova, Meringue, Schokoladenkuchen. Andreea Maria Pojar recipe: Pavlova with vanilla cream and raspberries. Ana Consulea, confectioner expert, teaches you to make step by step the cake with white chocolate and strawberries from MasterChef. Pavlova with berries and Chantilly creams - a fabulous summer recipe with cream.

However, even if the recipe on the foodstory is mine, it has. We present you the simplest and easiest cake recipe. We propose, therefore, the recipe for Pavlova cake offered with much love by our chef Jesica Zamfir, MasterChef winner, who in. A delicious chocolate soufflé recipe offered by Andreea Pojar, a competitor from "MasterChef" specialized in sweets.

I think my piece of resistance has just become & quot Pavlova with vanilla cream and raspberries & quot :), the recipe. It was none other than the iconic pavlova that helped decide this year & # 8217s MasterChef winner.

What the most beautiful unmade-up Russian women look like

Russian women are famous for their beauty, but what do the most beautiful unmade Russian women look like? Do they retain the traits that make them so appealing?

There is talk all over the world about the beauty of Russian women, but now it's time to dismantle, or not, a myth: what the most beautiful unmade Russian women look like.

Several Russian women were photographed without make-up and even posted the images on social networking sites. It remains for you to give the verdict: do the most beautiful unmade-up Russian women look just as good?

Natural remedies for perfect skin

Natural skin remedy. The skin of Russian women is radiant and clean due to an extremely common ingredient, the potato. This vegetable, boiled or raw, is a basic ingredient for skin care. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, as well as vitamin C and B complex are wonderful for the skin. Similarly, the pulp obtained from crushed raw potatoes, mixed with honey are excellent skin and face masks. It also helps heal pimples and blemishes on the skin. This pulp, if applied externally on burns, offers quick relief and faster healing. Crushed potatoes and even the water in which the potatoes were washed are very good for softening and cleansing the skin, especially around the elbows and back of the hands.

Remedy for neck and décolleté. An ice cube all over the face, neck and décolleté reduces swelling during sleep. After you wake up, take an ice cube to start draining your lymph and accentuating your cheeks. The ice cube is applied first in the morning, then use a face mask or moisturizer. The ice circulates the blood and makes the skin always stay young and clean.

Natural cleansing remedy. Women in Russia prefer skin cleansing milk instead of cleansers with chemical ingredients. Perfect for some of the harshest winter months in Russia, cleansers with milk remove makeup, oil and pollution from the skin, while keeping it hydrated. Excessive cleansing can damage the lipid barrier and dry skin to the point of rash. For skin sensitive or prone to acne, the milk alternative will provide a serious relief of skin cleansing. Be sure to apply the cleanser with milk on dry skin. Applying it on damp skin or with wet fingertips is not as effective.

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Over 1000 Russian names, girls' names

Search the list with girls' names to choose the most appropriate name for your baby. Choosing a name for the baby to be born is always difficult. There are so many girl names that you can hardly decide which one to choose. If you have a little girl and you still haven't decided what name to give her, we come to your aid with over 1000 girl names. Romanian girls' names, beautiful, rare or one of the most popular names, choose the right one!

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    Christian love for your neighbor, community, solidarity, union

    Buzau Valley is the land of legendary dishes. Culinary pampering, with soups like in grandparents' time and fairytale steaks.

    Buzau Valley is the land of legendary dishes. The guest houses in the area invite to culinary pampering, with soups like in the time of the grandparents and fairy-tale steaks. George Mihai and Cosmin Ciobanu tasted the wonders of the place and now I bring you two tried and tested recipes at & # 8220Tara-n Bucate & # 8221.

    Preparations of werewolf soup as in Buzau, quail in lard and cheese as in childhood.

    Delicious Plescoi sausages

    On the Buzau Valley a long time ago, more precisely during the time when the outlaws were upset, a special phenomenon happens: the theft of sheep. Today the sheepfolds are more and more rare, the sheep less and less, but at that time the people from the Buzau hills and from the Buzau valley made sheep farming a habit. The outlaws stayed at the panda and when the peasants went to the fair in Buzau, they stole their sheep. The crowd of outlaws was so cunning that, in order not to be caught, they immediately cut the sheep and made pastrami and sausages.

    Over time, times changed, outlaws disappeared, but the habit of making sausages was maintained. The villagers also discovered the special flavor of Buzau sausages and continued to use the outlaws' recipe. The juicy mutton has a different taste due to the hilly area that hides salt deposits in the basement. If you are wondering what is so special about this Buzau meat or more precisely the Plescoi sausages, which have become very famous over time, now you can finally find out the explanation.

    Every thing that has become famous is based on a legend. Here we are dealing with the legend of outlaws, sheep thieves. And if you're still thinking about the taste of mutton, we'll tell you something else that can help you understand where the salty taste of meat comes from. The sub-Carpathian hills in the Buzau area have in the basement this large amount of salt, the water evaporates daily and a series of salt crystals settle on the greenery. It is eaten by animals, so their meat tastes different.

    Not long ago in Buzau, people started to celebrate these famous Plescoi sausages, which became an emblem of the place. This is how the Plescoi Sausage Festival is organized every year, where you can taste the traditional dishes from Buzau. If you haven't tried some spicy sausages from Buzau yet, with a cold beer, you should. We know you will be delighted!

    O & # 8220swrapped with cheese & # 8221 stuffed with cheese and dill & # 8230

    A tasty and fragrant white & # 8221 white baby with noodles and raisins.

    Prepare the rooster, wash it, cut it into pieces and put it in a saucepan, add onions, parsley roots, carrots (to make the broth color more intense, the roots can be pre-cooked). Pour the water so that the meat is covered with 3-4 fingers and simmer for 2.5-3 hours, periodically, taking the foam and fat. Then remove the meat from the broth, and the legs, head, neck and wings should be cooked for 5-7 minutes until ready, add bay leaves, black peppercorns, salt.

    The boiled meat is taken from the bone, put in deep plates. Allow the broth to clear, squeeze, season to taste with grated garlic, leave for another 10 minutes and squeeze again. Put the meat in deep plates, garnish with carrot and egg, pour the cooled broth and let them cool.
    It is recommended to serve with previously prepared horseradish.

    How difficult it is to prepare such goodies. Not very hard & # 8230but we just want to remember, we want to not forget grandma's goodies ..

    What could be more pleasant, in the evenings when the wind blows at the windows, than enjoying a SHEEP PASTRAM on the tray, accompanied by a glass of wine receeee or boiled with sugar and cinnamon..Hmmm & # 8230everyone who prefers

    Fluffy urdoaice, full of urda with dill. You eat and you still eat ..

    Caltaboșii, also called cartaboș, chișcă or calbaj in some areas, are sausages, usually prepared for cutting pork, from its entrails boiled and ground. It is eaten fresh or smoked. The composition differs from one area to another, may or may not contain rice and pieces of bacon.
    If blood is added to the composition of the caltabos (collected when the pig is cut, left to coagulate, boiled and ground), the so-called "bleeding" is obtained.

    Russian diet

    Russian diet
    Cristian Popescu & ldquoPiedone & rdquo spent a few days of vacation last month in Corfu Island, Greece. And how Cristian Popescu wants to lose a few more kilograms and you have been holding for a few months [..]

    Pregnant contest

    Russian diet
    In an attempt to promote the image of motherhood in Russia, which is facing a considerable demographic decline, the Ekaterinburg authorities have organized a beauty contest for women [..]

    Confessions to Maxim

    Russian diet
    After the relationship with Irinel Columbeanu ended, Anna Lesko was courted by many men, but they failed to reach the heart of the beautiful Russian woman, who declared that for her a [..]

    Russian "Makeup"

    Russian diet
    Countless mannequins, most beautiful, crowded the body painting festival, which took place in the Siberian town of Krasnoyarsk, informs Reuters. [..]

    Celebrities fight with extra pounds! How much weight can you lose in a week?

    Russian diet
    Fighting extra pounds is a real problem that more and more people are facing nowadays. The stars from Great Britain fight with the extra kilograms, in a documentary that aims to motivate the whole world to lead a healthy lifestyle. [..] Other information about: celebrities fight extra pounds, extra pounds, pounds, celebrities

    Diana Hohan undressed Adriano and Gattuso

    Russian diet
    The model of Romanian nationality, together with her Italian, Brazilian and Russian colleagues paraded at a fashion parade for a campaign against violence, dressed in T-shirts [..]

    Sean Penn, the new love affair

    Russian diet
    The brilliance and charm dominated the parade of Hollywood stars on the red carpet of the Oscars, but the surprise of the evening was an unexpected relationship. Model Petra Nemcova made the whole fortress [..]

    Loredana sings in Russian for the sake of Van Damme

    Russian diet
    Loredana had the opportunity to sing in Russian to the famous Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. Lori is filming these days at Buftea with Van Damme, the action movie "Weapon". She plays the role of a Russian singer, who at one point performs an old song [..] Other information about: loredana, russian singer, movie, van damme

    & LdquoStill & rdquo, Connect-R's new music video (VIDEO) officially released

    Russian diet
    The video for the song & ampldquoStill & amprdquo, the collaboration between Connect-R and Chris Mayer, premiered yesterday on Music Channel. The video for the new single, directed by Ciprian [..] Other information about: dance, release, video, connect-r, chris mayer

    Duchess of Cambridge, harsh accusations after the birth of the second baby!

    Russian diet
    Just two days after the birth of her little girl, Kate Middleton is the target of harsh attacks. The scandalous press released several rumors that shocked everyone. [..] Other information about: Kate Middleton girl, external stars, Kate Middleton birth, royal baby, Duchess of Cambridge, kate middleton, showbiz

    4 musical documentaries that should not be missed in 2013

    Russian diet
    The passion of music lovers for bands and artists of international caliber is always fueled by short films that present interesting facts, new or old in the field of music. The year 2013 is announced to be a prolific period for the launch of new interesting documentaries about music. Here is a list of the most awaited documentaries about music in 2013, which we recommend you not to miss! [..] Other information about: documentation, musical documentation, musical documentation 2013

    Oltchim is looking for the semifinals

    Russian diet
    Oltchim Rimnicu Vilcea and Lada Togliatti will face each other on Saturday, from 17.00 (live on, for the second position in the first semifinal of the Champions League in women's handball. [..]

    I'm at Roland Garros! Sarapova, eliminated by Safina

    Russian diet
    Maria Sarapova, the world number one in the ATP women's hierarchy, suffered a real shock in the eighth round of the Roland Garros tournament. The Russian tennis player was eliminated by the shared Dinara Safina, at [..]

    Monica Columbeanu would film nude

    Russian diet
    Monica Columbeanu is preparing for the role she will play in the movie "Caribbean Last Minute". She denied rumors that she would have empty scenes in the film but admitted that she would [..] Other information about: nude scenes, acting, monica columbeanu

    The T.A.T.U. couple, on the big screen

    Russian diet
    After shocking the whole world, the famous lesbian couple Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova from the band T.A.T.U. will try his acting talent in the film & quotFinding T.A.T.U. & quot. The scenario [..]

    Colin Farrell and Ed Harris - in Peter Weir's new film

    Russian diet
    Director Peter Weir will soon begin filming his latest film project, The Way Back. Starring Colin Farrell, Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess and Saoirse Ronan, [..] Other information about: colin farrell, ed harris, peter weir, film project, the way back, filming

    Mischa Barton plays a lesbian!

    Russian diet
    The young actress accepted a new challenge in her film career, and this time it is about the role of a lesbian. Mischa will portray a Russian teenager in the movie Finding T.A.T.U [..]

    Forget about Mihaela! Here's what the woman with whom Dani Otil spent his vacation looks like

    Russian diet
    It's been three months since Mihaela Radulescu and Dani Otil said goodbye. If the Diva from Monaco quickly found solace in the arms of a famous and strong man, the TV presenter kind of bandaged her wounds for a long time. But it happened to him too. [..] Other information about: relationship Dani Otil, internal stars, dani otil, showbiz

    Shocking news from the Kremlin: Does Putin have a child?

    Russian diet
    The Kremlin leader, who has not been seen in public for almost two weeks, is not ill, the Swiss press announces. At the age of 62, Vladimir Putin is preparing to become a father and is at a clinic in southern Switzerland, together with his girlfriend, who would soon give birth. [..] Other information about: little girlfriend, little dad, little missing, little Vladimir

    Olive oil reduces the risk of cancer

    Russian diet
    Four tablespoons of olive oil consumed daily can reduce the risk of cancer. A diet rich in olive oil can reduce the level of carcinogens in [..]

    Mel Gibson - on the verge of divorce because of a Russian woman

    Russian diet
    The American press is no longer content with rumors of an imminent divorce between Mel Gibson and his wife, Robyn Moore, due to the fact that she is tired of the volcanic temperament, the excess of [..] Other information about: mel gibson, divorce, russian, escapade

    Pear diet - effectively lose 3 kilograms in 5 days

    Russian diet
    The pear diet is an effective diet that does not take too long to notice the results. Strictly speaking, the diet leads to the loss of 3 kilograms in 5 days. You need to eat complex carbohydrates, as well as lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. [..] Other information about: pear diet, autumn diet, weight loss, diet

    The most sought after diets in 2017. Which one suits you?

    Russian diet
    Indian diet, potato diet, Rina diet, Mediterranean diet, ketogenic diet, Oshawa diet, Ana Lesko diet are among the most searched diets of 2017 made by Romanians on Google. Here's what they consist of! [..] Other information about: Ana Lesko diet, ketogenic diet, Indian diet, rina diet, potato diet

    10 desserts that you can eat even when you are on a diet

    Russian diet
    Sweets are a taboo subject when it comes to a diet. But what do you do when you can't give up your favorite desserts in any way? The solution is to eat a little to satisfy your craving for sweets, but only for breakfast! Experts from Tel Aviv University have scientifically proven that a breakfast dessert helps you a lot to lose weight. And that's because all the calories accumulated in the morning are burned quickly due to the effort of the day. Here are the recommended desserts in diets: [..] Other information about: sweets, diet, diet sweets, diet sweets

    Do you start a diet and give it up quickly? Here's how to put one together for use with your zodiac sign

    Russian diet
    Following a diet is not the easiest thing in the world. Most people give up quickly when they see that the results are delayed. Here's how to stay motivated to follow a diet to the end, depending on your zodiac sign! [..] Other information about: following diet, diet, predictions, signs, horoscope, astrology, motivation