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Alcoholic sugars

Alcoholic sugars

Recipe Alcoholic Zuccherini di of 02-03-2014 [Updated on 11-12-2015]

I saw the alcoholic sugars on my dear friend Romina's Facebook profile, all those colored lumps in the jars made me want to prepare them too and here they are. I must admit that before seeing the photo of these sugars on his profile, I had not the faintest idea of ​​this preparation which, according to what I have read, is used as a digestive at the end of lunch and can be flavored with herbs and spices at will, I I used mint, lemon, orange and cinnamon, but next time I will indulge myself with other flavors. The alcoholic sugars must remain in infusion for 1 month before being consumed and, for those who do not like the too strong taste of alcohol, after having taken them with a spoon, they can burn them with a lighter to make the alcohol fade a little and then put them in your mouth, watch out for the hot spoon;) well friends I wish you a good Sunday and start my day, kisses


How to make alcoholic sugars

Sterilize the jars then, with the help of tongs, put a first layer of sugar cubes inside them.

Alternate the sugars with the aroma you have chosen by putting each flavor in a different jar. (I made ginger and lemon, orange and star anise, mint and cinnamon)

Cover with alcohol, close the jars and put the alcoholic sugars in the pantry for 1 month.

After 30 days, you can serve them, taking the lumps with a teaspoon from you, if you prefer a less alcoholic taste, before eating them, set them on fire with a lighter, this will allow the alcohol to evaporate in part.

Alcoholic Sugars - Recipes

Unfortunately, however, there is no time, and I do not always manage to reconcile the thousand thousand social / work commitments with the possibility of carving out 10 minutes of time and posting a recipe.
In addition, even the new little house has been added to "steal" my energy, so now I beg for moments of pause and tranquility, even if they were a rare commodity!

Anyway, I wanted to post something, so I stole time from my working lunch break to post a very easy, fun recipe that can be freely used as a gift for any occasion.

This is the recipe for producing interesting Digestive Alcoholic Sugars, with various flavors. I don't remember where I found the original recipe anymore. Maybe on the cookaround forum, but I wouldn't put my hand on fire. I have found so many options around the web that I have forgotten the primary source!

Today I propose the recipe to prepare tasty Zuccherini with Mint, Sage & amp Lemon and Orange & amp Cinnamon. There are also many other possibilities and variations, which I will list later in the post!
But let's start immediately with the ingredients you need:

- Glass jars with hermetic closure (I used the 250ml ones)
- 95% pure alcohol (found in any supermarket)
- Sugar cubes
- Mint leaves
- Sage leaves
- Lemon peel
- Orange peel
- Cinnamon sticks

First of all it is necessary to wash and sterilize the glass jars in which you are going to "compose" your sugars. To do this, there are several methods. Personally I took the jars, put them in a pan and then in the oven for about 60 minutes at 120 & # 176.

While the jars are in the oven, start washing the mint, sage, lemons and oranges carefully and carefully. Clean everything with a clean cotton cloth, and let it dry on a few sheets of absorbent paper.
With a potato peeler, remove the peel from the peel of the fruit, being careful not to take away the white part as well.

When all the ingredients are completely dry, proceed with the composition of the jar.

The composition is very simple. It is sufficient to create a layer of cubes, followed by a layer of the selected ingredient.
In case you want to proceed with the "bi-taste" Zuccherini, simply alternate the ingredients within the various layers.

Finally, let the jars rest in a dark and dry place (the sideboard is fine) for at least a week before opening them and enjoying them.
Keep in mind that the more you leave them to rest, the more intense the flavor (and color) of the Zuccherini will be.

- Before composing the jar, make sure that all the ingredients are perfectly dry. The presence of water (even a single droplet) would affect the sugar, causing it to dissolve inside the jar.

- To best enjoy Zuccherini, use a tea spoon. Carefully take the lump from the jar, set it on fire with a lighter (this will allow the alcohol to partially evaporate), wait a few moments and then eat. Be careful not to touch the spoon with your tongue or lips.

There are countless combinations that you can use for this nice idea. Here are some of them
- Star anise
- Herbs
- Juniper berries
- Chilli (to be used in minimum quantities)
- Absinthe
- Vanilla
- Ginger
- Blueberries (here the procedure is slightly different, maybe I'll tell you about it)
- Lavender
- Licorice
- Orange & amp Coffee

Create & share

Nice flavored sugars to be enjoyed as Bon Bon or to be used to sweeten tea, coffee or herbal teas.
There are many flavors on the market and food dyes to let your imagination run wild. (e.g.

You have to put the dye and the aroma in a small bowl with a little water and then add it to the sugar (the consistency must be similar to wet sand).

For the format you can use silicone molds for chocolates or to prepare the cubes of

I used small molds for Cake design because they are smaller in size.

In this case the production is a bit more demanding.
You need to put a piece of cellophane paper on the mold and insert a small amount into the mold with your fingers.
Crush well and then, removing the cellophane paper, place the sugar on some parchment paper.
Leave to dry for at least 24 hours (depends on the size and thickness of the sugars)
The choice is yours according to your wishes and needs

With these molds I made pink citrus flowers and yellow hazelnut hearts,

I also made jars of mini sugar cubes in pure alcohol with star anise and coffee beans (if you can, take whole star anise and put one on each side standing and facing outwards. It's very nice, it will look like a bow of snow).
You can also make them with orange and coffee peels, lemon peels, etc. ).
The sugar can be enjoyed after about twenty days and to remove the excess alcohol it can be burned on a saucer.

I chose jars that can stand upright but also tilted for flavored sugars and classic jars with garnish for alcoholic sugars.

I made labels for the sugars with an indication of the aromas and possible use.
For packaging. I report what I made for Christmas 2013.
I put the jars in clear pvc boxes.

I made the band closure with colored cardboard and I used craft punches to cut the paper (stars, snowflakes, trees, etc.). I glued the cutouts to the box to create an additional decoration.

Digestive alcoholic sugars | Classic recipe

To prepare the alcoholic sugars (a really good quick recipe) we may be in doubt as to whether it is preferable to use normal refined sugar or that of cane, but let's calm down: there is no difference.

The two sugars do not differ much in their caloric content, they react equally well to the "treatment", but they will have a different final taste. A box of sugar cubes should be more than enough to fill about three small jars.

The alcoholic lumps produced by Mazzetti d & # 8217Altavilla are delicious!

What you need to prepare the alcoholic sugars

  • a package of refined or brown sugar cubes
  • a bottle of 95 ° alcohol
  • glass jars
  • Bay leaves
  • cinnamon sticks
  • cloves and lemon peel cut

Zuccherini Spiritosi Flambar Mazzetti D'Altavilla 150 Gr - Rosa Canina

Zuccherini Spiritosi Flambar Mazzetti D'Altavilla 150 Gr Vanilla from Madagascar

How to prepare the spirits sugars

To prepare the sugary Digestive we deposit a first layer of lumps on the bottom of the jar. Then we proceed with other layers alternating them with a bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon and also adding, as a flavoring, two or three pieces of lemon peel between one layer and another.

Let's fill it all with alcohol at 95 ° or 90 °. The cubes will appear through the glass as if they were ice but will not melt. Let it rest and consume the sugars in alcohol in all sweetness at least after twenty days.

It is possible to add good grappa to the alcohol (but little, otherwise the lumps will melt!)

Let's start with a first layer consisting of some sugar cubes deposited on the bottom of the jar.

Between one layer and the other we put one bay leaf, a small piece of cinnamon stick (but if you don't like the aroma you can omit it) and proceed with other lumps.

We also add some cloves that aromatize the final mixture with its essence.

Between one layer and another we place some lemon zest perfectly washed and without the white part, which would make everything bitter.

Once the last layer of cubes has been placed, fill up to completely fill the jar with alcohol at 95 °. Let it absorb and fill with alcohol before closing and finishing the jar with a nice bow and a small square of colored fabric.

Fantasy Bouquet

I recently found them in a shop, I didn't even know they existed. Instead of buying them I thought of making them because of the simplicity, and then I still had the leftover alcohol from the previous liqueurs, it was a shame to leave it there. -)

How beautiful is your blog!
I arrived here passing through the Christmas gifts of Anice & ampCannella and I was immediately enchanted to read all the other little things, besides this one!
Thanks for this spectacular idea!
I will propose it for sure in the thoughts of this year!
Can I just ask you one question?
But do you then remove the alcohol or do you treat the jars like this?
And the sugar does not dissolve in the liquid.
Excuse the ignorance.

Hi, and thanks again for your nice suggestions!

Hello Miciapallina,
thanks for the compliments on Bouquetdisorrisi :)

The alcohol must not be removed, on the contrary, those who have the courage to do so can also drink it when the sugars are finished (I haven't finished a jar yet so I don't know how much alcohol is left at the end of the sugars). The sugar remains compact and does not dissolve.

It is really simple to make and you can decorate it with the spices you prefer.

If the alcohol seems too strong, ignite the sugar before eating it, so that the alcohol content decreases, the more the flame remains, the more the alcohol is lowered.

If you need it, then I'm here.

uiiiiiiii santamammadeifelini!
I have already called GrandeGatto on the phone (who would later be my husband) and I told him that we have turned with the gifts!
a couple of cat blankets made by me, a couple of jars of sugars and a couple of jars with the necessary for the cookies!
I'm still in the office. ehehehehehe. he is already on the hunt for jars!
He is enthusiastic about the idea!
Of course in the jars together with the ticket we will put & quot this is an idea stolen from: unbouquetdisorrisi !! & quot

p.s. but if instead of alcohol I put a liqueur, the absinthe one or the orange one ??
would it still work?

Do not confuse the packages with sugars with those with blankets, otherwise you see cats doing crazy things. )

You put me in crisis already! I can't confirm if they only go with alcohol or if they can also be combined with liqueurs. I think that the combination can still be positive given the high gradation.

Excellent your banner for Labor, I posted it with honor too!

You got my enthusiasm back!
I was a bit dejected because I hate consumerist Christmas and this year (various causes) I don't have the time to prepare anything of the little things I usually do (biscuits, jams, liqueurs, scarves and gloves.)
and I was already a little saddened!
Then I come here, and now my smile is back!
My brain is boiling!
Then I'll let you know, between tomorrow and Saturday I'll make the jars and then I'll tell you!
I am happy!



  • Alcohol q.s.
  • Sugars q.s.
  • Orange 1
  • Lemon 1
  • Cinnamon 5 berries


  • difficulties:
  • preparation time: 10 min
  • cost: $$


I don't know if you've ever tasted alcoholic sugars, they are usually used instead of bitter and cleanse the palate of any taste.

This time I have prepared two, one cinnamon lemon and orange and the other sage and chilli. The aromas are chosen according to your tastes, you can use l & rsquoanice, juniper berries, sage, mint, myrtle ... in short, whatever you like best.

The procedure is very simple.

Take a glass container with the lid and start filling the bottom with a layer of aromas of your choice. (As for fruit, use only the peel).

Then alternate a layer of aromas or peel and one of sugars until the jar is filled.

At this point cover everything with alcohol, close the jar and let it macerate for at least two weeks.


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They are to be considered exclusively of a general nature, and cannot in any case replace the advice of a qualified doctor.
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Alcoholic sugars


  • Sugar cubes
  • alcohol 90 & deg
  • Aromas: cinnamon, orange peel, vanilla, lemon peel, licorice, coffee, star anise, dehydrated strawberries, chilli, juniper berries, lavender, red fruits, almond flavor, & hellip


Fill an airtight glass jar with lumps. Add your favorite aromas and cover with pure alcohol.

They can be consumed after about ten days.

The first time I tried adding some syrup to the alcohol (I wanted to make them with mint), only the lumps melted a bit. Same thing would happen if you used liquor instead of pure alcohol, so I don't recommend trying it!

The sugars can also be consumed in coffee, to make it correct! Or, the more daring, can skip the evaporation step of alcohol!

Bucci's cuisine

These aromatic sugars in alcohol are a nice way to end a dinner, perhaps a little heavy, because they are excellent digestives.

For the more daring, they can be eaten like this, frank, directly on the tongue. The 95 & # 176 of alcohol will soon be heard, but it's fun to see the various reactions of the diners & # 8230

To eliminate a little alcohol instead it is possible to flambé them: place them on a teaspoon and set them on fire. When the fire goes out you can eat the sugar, but pay attention to the spoon which will be hot!

There are also those who enjoy eating them while they are on fire.

You can also use them to sweeten coffee: they will simultaneously perform the function of sweetening and correcting.

Arrange the sugar cubes in the jar trying to make the most of the space and fill as many holes as possible. Alternate the layers of sugar with the aromas of your choice, until you reach the edge of the jar. Fill with the alcohol until it exceeds the last sugar cubes. Close hermetically with the cap and leave the jar upside down for a few minutes to disinfect well also on the side of the cap.

Store in a cool place and let it rest for at least a month before consuming, so that all the aromas have been released for good.

Mother-in-law sugars

This is a catchphrase that rages every year at Christmas.

Well, since Easter comes early this year and the cold hasn't left us yet, why not add it to the menu? it is worthwhile to present a nice colored jar on the table and serve it as a bun.

Please read all the various comments, they are very interesting


for a & # 8220corroborante & # 8221 at the end of the meal try this preparation:
In an airtight glass jar, put some cane sugars, a handful of juniper, a few cloves, 1 cinnamon stick, the yellow zest of 1 lemon and 2 bay leaves. Cover everything with pure alcohol at 90 & # 176 and let it rest in a cool dark place for at least 1 month. Melt a sugar in your mouth at the end of the banquet and you will feel & # 8230after the fire of the alcohol & # 8230 an enchanting taste.
by Fabrizio Oss and Luca Zangoni, Hotel Compet Vetriolo Terme (Tn)

Laura P.
and if you taste it you will understand why. I add 95 & # 176 alcohol, mint leaves and a little mint syrup (just to reinforce the color).
Sugar cubes 95 & # 176 alcohol Mint syrup to your taste Mint leaves Put all the ingredients in a jar and let it absorb. Serve as a digestive.
*** the squadron cook: by the way: how long must they remain in infusion for them to be tasted?

*** Simona.M
Just a few days. It is called "sugary mother-in-law" a joke logically. I don't know if it makes us digest but it certainly makes us happier
*** allura, I make jars, putting lumps of sugar, star anise, alcohol, but the procedure is this: take the lump, place it on a teaspoon, give it fire, wait a few seconds, blow and put out, put in your mouth Obviously the more it burns, the less alcohol remains. They are delicious and truly digestive.
*** however it must not burn much, otherwise the sugar will dissolve, just a little ah IN THE MOUTH WITH THE SPOON. OTHERWISE THE HOWLING WILL COME HERE! however, they must soak for a month before eating them.
sugary mother-in-law different recipes Answer
Carry the long-awaited recipe for the Sugar of the Mother-in-law.
They can be made with all the aromas that spring to mind, just like there are grappas flavored with different plants.
I tasted this "concoction" yesterday: sugar cubes and sage leaves are layered in a jar, covered with good taste alcohol and after 40 days you can taste them. The strange thing is that the cubes remain intact. Who of you has ever tried it?
brunette foglino genoa

Bruna, my grandfather soaked the sugar cubes with an infusion of alcohol and chopped sage. And he kept them in spirit. Whenever he needed a helping hand to digest he would take a lump.
elena stays lugo

Hello Bruna! It is called "the sugar of the mother-in-law" and I think I understood why when I drank a drop of the alcohol that accompanies it. It is fashionable to offer it in restaurants, at the end of a meal, not only with sage leaves, but also with other flavors (mint, star anise, juniper, chilli.) I immediately copied it, putting fresh mint leaves and a teaspoon of mint syrup for coloring.Sugar probably won't dissolve in alcohol, it will be something chemical, like salt that needs a certain amount of water to dissolve.

I'll answer Marina, I have an idea that Bruna only connects in the lunch break. Yes, Buongusto alcohol is the common alcohol for liqueurs.I took a nice 400g jar (recycling one of a French jam that is decorated) I made a layer of mint leaves, sprinkled with a spoonful of mint syrup , half filled with sugar cubes and covered with alcohol, and voilà is ready. When ready to serve, put a sugar bowl and a little alcohol in a small glass. and get ready to laugh!

Stefania guessed, sugar is not soluble in pure alcohol. Fabio fongoli ravenna
A hug to all. and I made them too: delicious and digestive. Why throw them away? They can always come in handy, not two natural preservatives like alcohol and sugar combined.

SUGAR CUBES (11/16/06)
I made them in pure alcohol (95 & # 176) only with spices (star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, clove) and I find them pleasant, strong but good. If you make them with a liquid that contains more water (grappa has at most 50% alcohol) I think the lumps will dissolve. You can still do the test with a single lump, dip it in grappa and see what happens. Hello Federico
Federico Olimpo GENOA

SUGAR CUBES (11/16/06)
Paola, they gave me a jar (compero) with a limoncello-based liqueur inside and the sugars with the jar there was also a small bowl with a lid and the instructions said to take a sugar from the liqueur, put it in the bowl and set it on fire. We tasted it, practically during the fire all the alcohol is burned and you finally eat a hot sugar that tastes of lemon. It was not a bad taste and I thought the idea was nice for an end of dinner.