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Top-Rated Starters

Adobo Chips with Warm Goat Cheese and Cilantro Salsa
"I loved this recipe. I made it for our supper club and it turned out great. Very simple and very good."

Creamy Feta-Spinach Dip

Fantastic! Brought it to a party and everyone loved it. Served it with bread and chips, but also would be great with fresh veggies.

Beef Tenderloin Bruschetta with Brown Butter

Unique and delicious! I brought this to a party and everyone loved it.

Artichoke and Fennel Caponata

The ingredients in this sweet-and-sour Sicilian side dish are roughly chopped to create a chunky spread. Caponata is typically made with eggplant, but this version features artichoke hearts. Spoon over toasted baguette slices

Baked Hoisin Chicken Buns

What a yummy little surprise! I made these for a birthday meal for a friend of all appetizers, and they were a huge hit.

Corn and Poblano Empanadas

Masa harina—used to make corn tortillas and tamales—yields a more richly flavored and textured dough than that made with flour alone.

"These turned out fantastic!! I couldn't find the masa harina, so I substituted corn meal," wrote Cooking Light reader jodimariec.

Garlic Flatbreads with Smoked Mozzarella and Tomato Vinaigrette

No Forks Required
These bite-sized desserts are big on glamour--and flavor.

Happy Hour
A retro-style cocktail supper combines the glamour of a bygone era with updated dishes for today's entertaining.

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