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Unique (but utterly essential) items that will spice up any bar.

Our Favorite Barware

Is there really such a thing as a fully stocked bar? We are not so sure, but these items will make any home's watering hole just a bit more complete.

Sundance Rain Tumblers

Ocean hues and a gently bubbled pattern make Sundance's Rain Tumblers look like sea glass.

Price: $28/set of 4

Shop: Sundance

Alessi Parrot Corkscrew

Design whimsy in a practical item, made of plastic and polished aluminum, with a Teflon-coated worm.

Price: $60

Shop: Unica Home

Sagaform Club Champagne Glasses

Swedish design firm Sagaform puts a modern, colorful spin on Champagne flutes.

Price: $20/set of 2

Shop: Unica Home

Vagabond House Antler Corkscrew

But no deer were harmed in the making of this rustic cork-screw: The antlers were naturally shed.

Price: $143

Shop: Vagabond House

See Mix Drink by Brian D. Murphy

A picture book for the soon-to-be-pickled: Each recipe illustrates the proper proportion of ingredients and includes simple visual instructions for mixing. Healthy bonus: nutrition analysis for each drink.

Price: $15

Shop: Hachette Book Group

Billy Cotton Goblet Wine and Water Glasses

The perfect proportions of Billy Cotton's tulip-shaped water and wineglasses will make a welcome addition to any table.

Price: $20

Shop: Billy Cotton

Fiesta Tervis Tumblers

Double-walled Tervis Tumblers protect the wood. Made in Florida, designed to match your Fiesta dinnerware

Price: $12 each

Shop: Tervis

Moser Cubism Tumblers

Multifaceted Cubism tumblers have great heft.

Price: $235

Shop: Moser

SodaStream Fountain Jet

In the old days, a little CO2 capsule in a syphon shot bubbles into cocktails. Now there's a machine for that. SodaStream's home carbonation system puts the fizz in water. Feeling silly, we couldn't help experimenting with whiskey, red wine, and—kids would love it—milk!

Price: $80-$150

Shop: SodaStream

Orbix Hotglass Curly Pitcher

Orbix's 12-inch-tall Curly glass pitchers rival the best of Murano, but each is actually handblown in Alabama. Available in 13 colors.

Price: $195

Shop: Orbix Hotglass

Evergreen Clear Goblets

Gorgeous goblets were once Bordeaux bottles.

Price: $65/set of 4

Shop: Bambeco

Michael Wainwright Gold Stemware

Italian-inspired stemware from Massachusetts tableware designer Michael Wainwright.

Price: $70

Shop: Neiman Marcus

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