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Necessary Luxuries

Necessary Luxuries

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Living without these nifty little items is possible—but we don't recommend it.

Our Favorite Necessary Luxuries

You would never gift a bottle of detergent—atleast we hope not—but, miniature packages of Soak Wash can be a thoughtful choice. How about giving a broom? We wouldn't hear it! But, present us with an itsy whisk sweeper and we will swoon. These gifts are everyday housewares with a special mix of function and fabulous.

Créa Créa Butterfly Clips

Don't you love it when something as pedestrian as a chip clip gets a stylish update? So do we.

Price: $14

Shop: Pylones

Soak Wash Travel Packs

Individual capsules of gentle detergent are tailor-made for travelers who won't let busy schedules stand in the way of workouts.

Price: $10/pack of 7

Shop: Soak Wash Inc.

Sweep Dreams Whisks

Little messes deserve little brooms. Sweep Dreams' colorful wee whisks can make fast work of spilt sugar.

Price: $13

Shop: Sweep Dreams

Yoshii Chambray Kitchen Towels

Yoshii towels have peach-skin-soft chambray on one side, absorbent terry on the other.

Price: $10

Shop: Rikumo

Toast Coasters

A touch of breakfast-table whimsy.

Price: $10 (Set of 8)


Foxgloves Original

A touch of Jackie O. elegance: Wrists stay covered to avoid bug bites or poison ivy.

Price: $20

Shop: Foxgloves Inc.

F.A. Parlor Maid's Helper

F.A. Seeds' old-school-style kit includes polishes for silver, brass, copper, marble, and wood. Your kitchen will positively gleam.

Price: $40

Shop: F.A. Seeds Co.

Lovell Bins

Sturdy canvas bins are perfect for pantries—store magazines, dish towels, onions, whatever...

Price: $64-$70

Shop: Lovell

TableArt In & Out Trivet

TableArt's flexible silicone version turns inside-out for bigger dishes.

Price: $38

Shop: TableArt

Zip & Dry Apron

There's no need to sling a dish towel over your shoulder if you're wearing this apron, which includes an absorbent terry cloth towel attached by zipper.

Price: $40

Shop: Just Perfect Inc.

Ring Vegetable Brush

Recycled bristles and a bamboo handle are worked into a lovely easy-to-grip design.

Price: $5

Shop: Full Circle

Hapeez Clipper Trios

Hapeez clips adhere to an array of kitchen surfaces, notably magnet-unfriendly glass and stainless steel. And you can fearlessly put a recipe where you can see it: These clips unstick without leaving any residue.

Price: $15/set of 3

Shop: Mayfair Lane

Patina Onion Saver

You'll never waste a half-used onion again with this shapely airtight keeper.

Price: $6

Shop: Patina

Megan Auman Coffee Cozy

Trade wasteful cardboard for a reusable felt coffee cozy.

Price: $25

Shop: Megan Auman

Oots Lunchbox

Oots' cute but sturdy lunch box prevents sandwich smush. They also have handy containers for sides and salads.

Price: $30

Shop: Oots!

Bleach Safe Kitchen Towels

Swipe chicken-y countertops without fear—bleach-safe colored kitchen towels are here.

Price: $5

Shop: Bleach Safe Home

Box Appetit Lunch Container

If toting lunch is a resolution for health or money, you might as well feel stylish doing it.

Price: $22

Shop: MoMA Store

Crate and Barrel Sparrow Clips

Just right for keeping the chips closed.

Price: $8/12 clips

Shop: Crate and Barrel

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