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Licorice Recipes

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Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.

Grandma's Recipes

Before leaving for the holidays, after the production of concentrated mint syrup, I also wanted to try my hand at preparing this aromatic concentrated liquorice syrup, which can be kept in the pantry for several months and can be useful for creating flavored drinks without dyes ( diluting it), ice creams, slushes & # 8230 in short, very versatile and very good!

For this preparation I needed pure licorice and I opted for the Calabrian organic one by Nature Med, aromatic, local and produced according to tradition.

INGREDIENTS (for about 2 bottles of 750 ml l & # 8217una of concentrated syrup)

300 gr of pure licorice in sugared almonds

1 kg of brown sugar

Put the licorice and the water in a large saucepan with a thick bottom.

Melt the licorice over low heat and add the sugar.

Bring slowly to a boil, stirring constantly: be careful, because it can boil and come out of the pot.

Melt the sugar completely, mix and reduce for about 15 minutes, stirring.

Remove from heat and immediately put into bottles (previously sterilized and dried), using a funnel.

Close tightly and allow to cool.

It can be kept for several months in the pantry, in a dark and dry place: once opened, it should be kept in the refrigerator.

If necessary, use it pure to create ice creams, slushes, etc., or dilute about two tablespoons of concentrated syrup in one liter / one and a half liters of water, mix and enjoy the fresh drink.

Monday 28th May 2012

The Gaspaccio of asparagus

We use asparagus to prepare a fresh and characteristic dish, excellent to be enjoyed this season and which is very welcome here in Moscow. Here asparagus are very popular and for my customers I prepare various dishes based on green asparagus with a marked flavor and a sweetish taste and white asparagus with a delicate flavor, but there is also violet asparagus with a very fruity flavor but with a slight bitter taste .

An excellent Mediterranean dish to use a good fresh seasonal product excellent to be prepared at any time.

Until you use the base it must be kept moist to keep the product fresh.

However you want to prepare them, to preserve their taste, if you decide to boil them after having drained them from the cooking water, immerse them immediately in ice water. The best way to prepare them would be to cook them by gently tying the stems together, so that the lower part is cooked in boiling water, while the more delicate sprouts of the base coming out of the water are cooked thanks to the steam. They cannot be eaten raw because they often do not cause allergic reactions.

They also have particular diuretic properties and are considered an excellent tonic for the lung system.

The dish goes perfectly and can be paired with a fruity and young or medium-bodied red wine or if you prefer a white wine you can taste a sparkling white, the important thing is that it is Made in Italy.

The gaspaccio of asparagus
Parmesan cheese ice cream

Ilaria De Lillo

Born in Foggia, she lives and works in Bologna. For the Giornale del Cibo he writes about insights, events and cooking school. Her favorite dish is grandmother Francesca's meatballs in marsala, because "more than a dish they are an objective correlative of Montaliana memory: the scent of home, the chat with dad, the sweetness of mum preparing food, laughter with my sister and cousins. In short, a riot of memories and emotions at the table ". For her, guests cannot be missing in the kitchen, "otherwise who do I cook for?"

For 4 people

For the Pig:

  • 400 g of loin / loin
  • 80 ml white wine
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 Amarelli licorice roots
  • 10 g curry
  • Salt and pepper

For the stuffing:

  • 150 g of buffalo ricotta
  • 200 ml of rosemary and curry broth
  • 20 g of curry
  • Salt and pepper

Lightly beat the pork slices between two sheets of paper being careful not to break them, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with curry according to the desired density of flavor. Sift the ricotta twice so as to refine it and work it with a whisk adding the curry, salt, pepper.
With a spoon, form quenelles with the processed ricotta and place it in the center of the pork slices, wrap as if it were a roll by inserting the licorice root in the center like a leg with bone. Bake the legs for 10 minutes, putting them back in a non-stick pan immediately afterwards.

With the leftover ricotta, curry and broth, prepare a sauce in a blender to sprinkle on the leg, decorating with rosemary, parsley and pepper.
The dish can be eaten as the title of the three-fingered recipe says as is usually done with chicken.

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Licorice cake

There licorice cake it's a cake Soft and fragrantwhich can be prepared either with the Licorice powder than with the Licorice liqueur. A prescription Very easy to be made with a few and simple Ingrediants: Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Water and Oil, without Butter! A perfect cake for both Breakfast than for the Snackthat you can enrich, at will, with chocolate chips!

There original recipe it was a Donut with licorice liqueur but I have decided to make some small changes. First I used the licorice powder and then I reduced the amount of Sugar and used the wholemeal flour. The result is really Amazing, this cake is really Very fragrantand leave the pleasant Flavorof Licorice. Not to mention the Benefits of the Licorice that is Digestive, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory! I made it using one Donut mold but you can prepare it in a normal one Round cake pan. Try this recipe yourself and tell me if it's not very good! By the way, with the Licorice powder I also prepared the Cookies!

Soft Chocolate and Licorice Truffles: the quick recipe

Here is a quick and easy gluten-free recipe to make delicious little desserts: chocolate and licorice truffles. Delicious chocolates with a soft heart covered with cocoa and ready in a few steps. Homemade chocolate truffles are a quick dessert, perfect during the Christmas holidays and beyond. Ideals [& # 8230]

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Licorice Bavarian

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  • 50 g of pure licorice in candies
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 15 g of potato starch
  • 150 g of sugar
  • 500 g of milk
  • 15 g of gelatin sheets, previously soaked in cold water and squeezed
  • 200 g of cold cream (min.30% fat)



Pour the water into a saucepan with the sugar, and combine licorice.

Mix well, and put everything on the stove over moderate heat.

Stir continuously without ever stoppingi, because the licorice otherwise sticks to the bottom of the pot.

When the licorice and sugar are completely dissolved, let the liquid of our licorice liqueur cool well.

When it is cold, filter the liquid with a colander and add the alcohol.

At this point the liqueur is ready to be bottled.

Put the licorice liqueur in the bottles and keep it in the refrigerator at least 4/5 days before serving.

The home-made LIQUORICE LIQUEUR it is really easy to prepare, I will take it to my parents who I am sure they will like very much!

Ideal like digestive and to finish an important meal, everyone will really like it! Word of your Vale!

WORTH RECOMMEND you can replace the granulated sugar with cane sugar, in this case, however, increase the dose to 300 grams.

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