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The Meatball Shop Launches Two-Week Collaboration with Speedy Romeo

The Meatball Shop Launches Two-Week Collaboration with Speedy Romeo

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El Taco Grande is only available for two weeks beginning Friday, February 6

The Meatball Shop and Speedy Romeo have collaborated to create a special “taco” (that’s really a pizza).

On Friday, February 6, The Meatball Shop launches El Taco Grande, a two week-long collaboration with Speedy Romeo in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood.

The Meatball Shop's executive chef Daniel Sharp has partnered with the Speedy Romeo team (Todd Feldman and Justin Bazdarich) to create El Taco Grande, a special pizza available at Speedy Romeo until Friday, February 20.

El Taco Grande features pork pibil, tomatillo salsa, Mexican Escovitch (pickled jalapeños, radishes, onions and carrots), Cotija cheese, Mexican crema, and fresh cilantro.

The limited-edition collaborative pizza is available now for $16 at Speedy Romeo on Classon Avenue in Brooklyn. As a side note, The Meatball Shop is also celebrating its own fifth anniversary with an evening of $5 specials including a celebratory menu, on Monday, February 9.

The festivities will be held at The Meatball Shop’s flagship on the Lower East Side. Chef Daniel Holzman will be in the kitchen all night just for the occasion.

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