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Multicolored stew

Multicolored stew

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the sliced ​​meat is salted and peppered and browned in 2 tablespoons of oil on both sides. Finely chopped onion, diced carrot and pepper are put in the pan over the meat and simmer for 5 minutes, then add water to cover everything, the tomatoes. chopped garlic.

Put the lid on and boil until the vegetables are soft. Dissolve the flour in 1-2 tablespoons of water and pour into a thin wire in the stew, stirring vigorously. Leave for another 5 minutes on the fire and set aside. pepper and add the parsley.

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Although the title of the recipe does not sound so appetizing, I want to tell you that the result is a delicacy. This stew is prepared during Easter, in the country, in the area of ​​my grandparents, Hunedoara, Dobra. As I said, the taste is great, if you wonder what it smelled, I tell you that it is not an unpleasant smell, on the contrary, a wonderful stew with a very enticing smell.


500g intestines
120g lamb liver (we can use other organs, heart, kidneys, and again the amounts can be higher, that's all I had)
120g honey lung
2 large onions
Salt and pepper to taste
A few strands of chopped green larch
1 teaspoon paprika
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon of vegeta

Method of preparation:
Wash a few larch threads well and finely chop it.

Wash the pieces of liver and lungs well and cut them into small cubes.

Although it is a "more unpleasant operation", the lambs are carped with long water with a sharp knife, cleaned very well under running water, then rubbed with high salt and 1 onion cut into scales, washed well again and more leave in salted water for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, drain the mats, put water in a pot, and when it boils, put the mats in the pot and cook them for 2-3 minutes.

After we have scalded the mats, we take them out in a strainer and let them drain.

After the mats have drained well, cut them into small pieces with a knife.

Peel 2 onions and cut them into small pieces.

Put oil in a saucepan, add onion and let it harden until slightly browned.

Add the diced lungs, mix and fry for another 3-4 minutes.

Season with paprika, mix.

Add the scalded mats, mix again.

Season with 1 teaspoon of vegetables, salt and pepper to taste and enough water to cover the lamb and lamb organs. Let everything boil for about 30 minutes, until the organs and matte soften.

Finally, 15 minutes before turning off the stew, add the liver, 2 bay leaves, mix and leave everything on the fire for another 15 minutes or until we consider that the stew is done (the liver is added so late in the stew, because time preparation of the liver is much smaller than the other ingredients).

Finally add the finely chopped green larch, mix and the stew is ready to serve.

Prepare the ingredients. The chicken legs are washed and cut in half.
Peel onions and peppers and cut into cubes.

Put the multicooker in the socket and press the Start button, then the Saute.
Add the oil and brown the chicken legs on both sides.

Remove to a plate and sauté the onion and pepper.

Add the paprika, salt and pepper.

Put the chicken legs back in the bowl.

Press SLOW COOK and set to HIGH for 2 hours. Press on the rhombus.

Serve hot. It can be served with dumplings, homemade bread or broad noodles.

Watch out for garden plants!

Do you live in the yard? Do you want to arrange a small garden with vegetables, and in front of the house you dream of having a small multicolored oasis made of flowers, where to relax in the evening after a stressful day of work? Do you love plants and want to enjoy the harmony of nature? Surely, your cat will be just as happy to be lazy among the plants in your garden!

There is nothing more pleasant for the little quadruped than to search, sniff or lie in the shade, under the leaves of a bushy bush. Out of boredom, he may even have the curiosity to taste one of your wonderful plants.

But don't forget that some garden plants can be toxic to little cats. Given that the cat is a small animal, the absorption of a small amount of toxic substance can be very dangerous. Sometimes, the simple fact that he touches a toxic plant with his body, while doing his toilet, can produce a strong and serious intoxication.

What can we do to avoid endangering the cat?

1. Keep your cat away from all plants (especially those treated with insecticides or herbicides), except matte grass.

2. Give him his own toys in the yard, especially those with matte grass, or bring him a companion, to avoid loneliness and not get bored.

3. Ensure a balanced diet. Never give him something you don't eat. Carrot leaves, for example, are extremely toxic to both humans and animals.

4. When you are not sure if a plant is toxic, do not let the cat come in contact with it.

5. Flower bulbs are toxic, so keep them in a place inaccessible to the cat.

6. In order not to get close to the toxic garden plants, put gravel around them or use repellents that keep the animals away.

7. The cat can also get rid of a plant treated with insecticides or herbicides. If these products are used for a long time, the plant can become a danger to the cat.

8. Keep the cat away from a plant that has mold, fungus or rot. Even if it is not a toxic plant, the cat can get sick.

Symptoms of poisoning

In the case of poisoning with a toxic plant, the most common symptoms are: repeated vomiting, diarrhea, refusal of food, pallor of the gums and tongue, swelling of the tongue, abdominal pain and convulsions.

If your cat has any of these symptoms, you should take immediate action and go to the vet urgently.

If you do not know which plant has consumed and vomited, take a sample of what it has removed to the doctor for analysis.

If the cat does not vomit, it can cause intestinal blockage.


It is good to know the names of the plants you have in the garden, preferably their name in Latin (the popular name differs from one region to another).

When buying a plant, ask the seller for a label. In case of intoxication, quickly check if the plant is toxic or not.

A misconception is to assume that the ingested plant is not toxic if the cat is not harmed immediately. Sometimes it takes a few hours for the toxins to take effect and from this point on the treatment becomes more difficult.

From the moment you notice that the cat has eaten from a plant, contact your veterinarian (even by phone) to avoid complications. If you do not know the name of the plant, try to describe the plant as accurately as possible.

What are toxic garden plants

Although we love it, many of the garden plants are toxic to cats.

Here are some of the most common toxic garden plants for cats and the main symptoms of intoxication:

Gladiola - causes vomiting, diarrhea, acute abdominal pain, depression.
Hyacinth - intoxication is manifested by vomiting accompanied by bleeding and diarrhea.
Iris - the cat has abdominal pain, vomiting, hypersalivation, diarrhea.
lily - The clinical signs of intoxication are extremely severe: cardiac arrhythmia and comatose states that sometimes lead to death.
tulips - causes loss of appetite, hypersalivation, vomiting and diarrhea.
Hortensia - can lead to anorexia, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, high heart rate.
Autumn brandy - The cat has oral and esophageal irritations, vomiting and diarrhea.

In the case of vegetables, ingestion of potato leaves and flowers causes severe poisoning. The clinical signs are: abdominal pain, confusion, dilated pupils, diarrhea, hypersalivation.

Also in the category of toxic vegetables can be included carrots, onions, garlic and parsley.

  • Do you know how to make polenta? Add salt to the boiled water and corn in the rain. Stir constantly. Towards the end, add a few drops of oil.
  • When do you know that the polenta used as a garnish is ready? When it comes off the walls of the vessel in which it was made, without sticking.
  • If you don't like dill, you can sprinkle the stew with fresh parsley.
  • This recipe is Transylvanian. The Oltenian equivalent of stew also contains a little sugar, thyme and bay leaves. Serve with Telemea cheese.

Suitable gaskets

How to make an onion stew with veal and garlic & # 8211 Transylvanian recipe?

How do we cook veal in a multicooker, classic pot or under pressure (kukta)?

In a saucepan I heated the oil, added the cumin seeds and hardened them until they started to sauté. This method develops the pleasant aroma of cumin.

Then I added the sliced ​​meat in equal cubes.

Finally I put the onion and grated carrot (I put the garlic at the end).

I stirred and waited until they browned slightly, about 30 minutes. I cooked in a Heinner multicooker and used the stew function (30 minutes). If you use a classic pot, you will have to work over medium heat and stir from time to time so that nothing burns.

Transylvanian lamb stew

Transylvanian lamb stew recipes: how to cook Transylvanian lamb stew and the tastiest recipes for Transylvanian mushroom stew, Transylvanian soup, Transylvanian peasant soup, Transylvanian chicken soup, Transylvanian belly soup, Transylvanian belly soup stew, stew, meatball stew, duck stew, stew.

Honey stew

Meat dishes 700 g lamb ribs 2 onions 3 green onion threads 2 tablespoons green parsley pepper paste salt pepper oil

Honey stew

Meat dishes 5-6 pieces lamb 1 grated carrot 1 chopped onion 50 gr sour cream 20 gr flour salt pepper chopped parsley

Lamb stew with potatoes

Easter recipes, Meat dishes * 500-700 g tender lamb * 10 potatoes * 3 large onions * salt * pepper * 1 teaspoon paprika

Lamb Stew With Potatoes And Rosemary

Meat dishes, Cooked food 4 pieces lamb muscles 500g potatoes olive oil 3 cloves light 2 red onions 3 rosemary threads 200g kale 1 1/2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar lemon slices

Honey steak

Lamb 1 lamb pulp spices for lamb (mix bought) 6 cloves garlic (3 breaded 3 at the end of cooking) green parsley palm oil.

Lamb entrails stew

Meat dishes -1kg of lamb entrails (the total amount being 2kg I used only half of: lung & acircni spleen liver kidneys and heart). -150 g fat of lamb (or sheep) -3-4 large onions finely chopped -1 chopped bell peppers -1 chopped hot peppers.

Roast honey on a tray

Lamb 2 lamb legs 1 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon dried thyme 2 teaspoons granulated garlic 1 teaspoon chopped parsley 3 teaspoons spices for lamb 5 tablespoons oil 1 glass white wine 4-5 bay leaves

Onion stew with donut paste in polenta

Foods with vegetables, Fasting recipes during fasting periods in time crisis or any other crisis one of the life-saving foods is onion stew in different variants. or that I cook this dish with tomatoes and I simply call it onion stew or more.

Lamb tripe

Easter preparations, Appetizers lamb organs onion green eggs lamb puree

Honey stew

Easter recipes, Meat dishes 800 g lamb (ribs) 1 dried onion (this fall) 1 bunch green onion 1 bunch green parsley 50 ml palm oil (I haven't used this oil for too long but I'm very happy of course regular oil can also be used) 2.

Shepherd's Pie, A Classic English Preparation, With Lamb And Potatoes

Meat dishes, Stew 450g potatoes, cut into cubes 1/4 cup skim milk 2 tablespoons butter 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon olive oil 450g minced lamb 1 onion, finely chopped 2 cups carrots, cut 3 tablespoons flour 1 tablespoon oregano 400ml.

Honey skewers

Meals, Meat dishes smoked lamb leg lamb rib smoked and spicy mutton red onion olives

Baked lamb meat

Lamb -1 lamb pulp -1 teaspoon pepper -1 teaspoon salt -2 green garlic bundles -1 glass oil -1 glass white wine -5-6 slices bacon bacon

Lamb leg with new potatoes in the oven

Steaks, Lamb lamb leg 1/2 glass olive oil 1 tablespoon rosemary 2 cloves garlic 1 kg new potatoes 250 ml beef or lamb soup a glass of red wine 2 teaspoons flour salt pepper

Honey steak

Food, Steaks a piece of lamb, 3-4 cloves of garlic, spice for lamb and sheep, a few pieces of bacon, a glass of wine, a cup of water cup of oil

Lamb stew

Lamb, Main course, Meat dishes 1.3 kg lamb leg with bone, cut into large pieces 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons lamb spices 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 large onions, sliced ​​2 cloves garlic, crushed 500g small carrots, grated 1kg new potatoes 3 tablespoons tomato paste.

Lamb stew - the original recipe

Drob, Appetizers, Lamb organs from a lamb (liver, heart, kidneys, lungs) 400 g green onions and garlic 300 g dill and green parsley 6 eggs salt pepper oil vinegar

Easter steak

Chicken, Chicken legs, Lamb 5 chicken legs 2 lamb legs 2 cloves garlic green salt, pepper, paprika, 3 tomatoes, spices for commercial lamb steak 1 glass of white wine 2 cups water 5 tablespoons oil

Lamb tripe

Water - entrails (without kidneys), about 750 grams from a lamb of about 6-8 kg (ready cut) -250 grams lean lamb meat -1 large onion -100 g bagel -3 eggs (raw) -5-6 pieces green onions -salt -piper, allspice, tarragon, dill

Baked lamb pastrami with hearth

Easter recipes, Meat dishes 1 kg lamb pastrami 1 glass of red wine half a glass of oil spices for lamb pepper, granulated garlic salt

Stuffed lamb

Oregano, Rosemary, Chicken half a lamb with neck and upper leg organs from a whole lamb 300 g poultry liver 4 eggs 2 onions 5 large cloves of garlic 1 link green dill 1 link green parsley 2 link green onion 2 links green garlic 200 ml wine.

Transylvanian stew with mushrooms and sour cream

Meals, Mushroom dishes for 4 servings: 1 kg of mushrooms - you can also use wild mushrooms, pleurotus, etc. 1 medium onion 150 ml sour cream - I used a thick sour cream, very good 4-5 puppies garlic 2-3 tablespoons flour 1 bunch of dill.

Lamb stew

Lamb, Meat dishes, Steaks 1 kg lamb 8 links green onions 8 links green garlic 4 tablespoons tomato paste 1 glass wine oil salt pepper 2 tablespoons flour 2 bay leaves vinegar

Honey Pilaf

Main course, Lamb, Meat dishes 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 onion 400g lamb meat, diced 1 tablespoon cumin 1 tablespoon coriander 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon cardamom 200g rice basmati chilli flakes 350-400ml chicken soup 150g raisins fresh coriander

Lamb tripe

Boiled eggs, Lamb for a drob we need: 1.5 kg organs lamb lamb 2 links green onion 1 link dill 1 link parsley 3 raw eggs boiled quail eggs 3 boiled eggs 100 ml salt pepper oil

Stuffed lamb

Green onions, Water, Half lamb wine 8 hard boiled eggs 15 raw eggs half lamb entrails green onions green parsley salt pepper bread three days old bread 3 tablespoons lard house wine

Lamb soup with sorrel

Easter dishes, Soups a lamb's head lamb's tail 2 carrots 2 parsley roots a medium onion 5-6 lumps of sorrel or horseradish 2 tablespoons flour an egg 400-500 ml sour cream a bunch of green dill a bunch of green parsley juice lemon to taste

Slow Cooked Lamb Pulp With Fennel And Wine

Steaks, Lamb, Meat dishes 2.5 kg lamb leg 400ml chicken soup 100ml dry white wine 3 fennel bulbs, sliced ​​into 2 thick onions, sliced ​​2 teaspoons fennel seeds 200ml red wine

Lamb meatballs with mint

Lamb, Minced meat, Meat dishes 500 g minced lamb 1 onion 2 cloves garlic 2 teaspoons cumin 1 teaspoon chilli 2 tablespoons minced mint 1 tablespoon parsley salt pepper 2 tablespoons flour oil for frying

Stir-fried honey

Foods, Steaks 800g lamb with or without bone100ml oil50g carrots50g celery root25g onion20g garlic and pepper to taste

Baked lamb

Easter dishes, Meals 1 kg lamb 400g potatoes 200g onions 2 teaspoons oregano salt, pepper 4 lg olive oil

Lamb tripe

lamb entrails (kidney, liver, heart) (I used beef heart), green onion (a serious connection), green garlic a connection, 200-300 grams of minced meat (one hand), four eggs, a box of pate liver, three boiled eggs, a bunch of dill, fresh.

Baked lamb meat

Thyme, Coriander, Wine 1 leg of lamb 1.5 kg 300 ml wine 300 ml water spices for lamb or sausages (black white pepper coriander onion thyme salt, etc.) 2 heads of garlic 2 tomatoes.

Baked Honey Steak

Thyme, Peppercorns, Basil - lamb pulp - green garlic - a head of garlic - peppercorns - allspice berries - thyme - oregano - basil - delicate - 200 ml of red wine - tomato paste

Crown honey steak

Meals, Meat meal 1 carcass of lamb, salt, pepper, olive oil, white wine, garlic, herbs (sage, rosemary, mint)

Lamb soup for Easter meal

Lamb, Meat soups, Soups 750 g lamb with bone 2 onions 1 carrot 1/2 celery 1 bell pepper 1 parsnip 500 ml borscht / cabbage juice salt pepper bay leaves 1 bunch larch 200 ml tomato sauce 80 g rice cream (optional)

Honey Curry

Meat dishes, Main course, Lamb 2-3 tablespoons sunflower oil 1 kg lamb pulp, diced 2 large onions, cut into thin slices 2 large potatoes, chopped 150g spicy curry paste 2 x 400g cans of chopped tomatoes 2 x 400g cans of chickpeas, drained and rinsed mango chutney 2 lemons.

Lamb steak with onion and green garlic

Garlic, Green garlic, Green onion pulp lamb green onion green garlic salt pepper paprika parsley green oil

Lamb tripe

Easter preparations, Appetizers organs of a lamb (liver, lungs, heart) onion 4 pcs green parsley and dill 1 link 4 eggs a little oil salt, pepper.

Baked lamb steak

* 1 lamb rib approx. 1 kg * 1 box of beer or wine * 2 rosemary threads * 1 clove of garlic * 2 bay leaves * 50 ml olive oil * salt * pepper

Lamb steak with mashed potatoes

lamb, salt pepper 2 onions 5 cloves garlic paprika or broth and a cup of water.

Miha Nihari

Lamb, Meat dishes, Main course 150ml sunflower oil 4 cloves 3-4 cardamom pods 1 bay leaf 3 large onions, finely chopped 1kg lamb pulp, cut into pieces freshly grated ginger 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tablespoon hot pepper powder 1 1/2 teaspoon turmeric.

Roast lamb and put in the oven

Food, Meat dishes 1 kg potatoes 4 thighs chicken meat lamb salt, spices 200 g margarine

Lamb with olives and anchovy sauce

Meat dishes * 500 g lamb * 100 g green olives * 2 tablespoons chopped anchovies * 1 tablespoon butter * 1 cup wine * 1 cup lamb soup * olive oil * green thyme * green rosemary * crushed garlic * tomato sauce * salt pepper * cus cus for garnish

Meat dishes lamb entrails: kidneys lungs liver heart greens: dill, parsley, green onions, green garlic (1 tbsp each) lamb puree 2 hard boiled eggs 8 eggs (raw)

Lamb fillet with onion and garlic

Easter dishes, Foods lungs, kidneys, liver, heart 300 g boiled lamb a lamb purée, a large bunch of green onions, a large bunch of green garlic, 2 raw eggs, 5 hard boiled eggs, salt, pepper , a large onion, 5-6 cloves of garlic, a bunch of parsley.

Stuffed lamb leg

Thyme 1 lamb leg (front with ribs) 600 g lamb or pork liver 500 g fresh mushrooms (or 2 cans of mushrooms - 400 g each) 1 cup rice (150-200 g) 5 raw eggs 2 hard boiled eggs 2 large onions 1 bunch green onion 1 bunch.

Baked lamb

half lamb salt 1 clove of green garlic 1 cup water 200 ml of tomato juice and a good oven.

Sliced ​​Lamb With Baked Tomatoes

Steaks 1 tablespoon rosemary leaves, chopped 600g lamb muscle olive oil 350g cherry tomatoes 2 cups arugula

Lamb stew

Meat dishes 3 / 4kg lamb 80 onions and garlic 1 tablespoon lard or butter 1 cup borscht bent with cold water and salt

Ingredients for the recipe for Pipote stew with onions and peppers

  • -500 g pipote
  • -150 ml of tomato juice
  • -2 large onions
  • -1 pepper
  • -50 ml oil
  • -1 teaspoon sweet paprika
  • -a bay leaf
  • -salt
  • -pepper
  • -parsley

Preparation for the recipe of Tocanita de pipote with onion and pepper

Wash the pipettes very well and boil them in water with a little salt. We leave them on the fire until they are half cooked. During cooking, we always remove the foam that forms because we will use the soup later for the stew.
When the pipettes are half cooked, we take them out and let them drain very well, and we stop the soup.

Onion sauce with tomatoes and peppers

While the pipettes are draining, chop the julienned onion and put it in the 50 ml of oil that I heated in a saucepan. Let the onion soften and add the pipettes over it, heat them together for about 2-3 minutes after which we can add the diced pepper, bay leaf, paprika, pepper, tomato juice and part of the soup so that the liquid covers the pipettes. Match the taste with salt, mix very well and put the pan in the preheated oven for about 25 minutes.

I chose to transfer the stew to a yena tray. I left it in the oven until the sauce thickened, I took out the tray and sprinkled parsley on top.

If your family is larger you can double the amount of ingredients. It is a quick, delicious and easy to make stew.

Good appetite! I wish you all the best and health!

The recipe and photos belong to Oana Branescu and participate with this recipe in the Great Winter Contest 2019: cook and win

  • 4-5 pieces of chicken
  • 500-600 g red capsicums
  • 3-4 tablespoons of oil
  • 1 large onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 400 g fresh or canned tomatoes
  • a teaspoonful of sugar
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • a bay leaf
  • dill or parsley
  • 600 ml chicken soup (vegetable or water)

First we bake the peppers. We wash and dry them and then we bake them. I bake them on the stove in a thick pan but you can also bake them on the grill or in the oven.

After baking, transfer them to a bowl, sprinkle with high salt and leave them covered for half an hour, so they will soften and can be peeled very easily.

Meanwhile, brown the pieces of meat in oil and then remove them on a plate. In the same oil, heat the chopped onion until it softens slightly and becomes translucent. Put the meat back, add the soup, salt to taste, cover the bowl and cook until the meat is almost gatita.

We clean and chop the baked peppers.

Add the diced and chopped tomatoes (or canned tomatoes), finely chopped garlic cloves, baked peppers, bay leaf, sugar, salt and pepper to taste.

Continue cooking until the stew becomes thick. Turn off the heat, add the chopped greens and the food is ready.

Eat it hot with your favorite garnish. Enjoy!

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